About Us

Built on a legacy.  Evolving with integrity.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Snell Properties is a family-owned and professionally operated investor, developer and asset manager of a portfolio of multifamily, commercial and mixed-use properties.

Led by a seasoned team of real estate professionals with expertise in value-add renovations, development, finance, acquisitions, and asset management, Snell Properties holds a noteworthy portfolio of assets and continues to expand into new markets and embark on new ventures.

Snell’s legacy of creating value began in 1947 when founder George Snell started building single-family homes in Northern Virginia.  Snell secured the first site plan in Arlington, Virginia, and continued to play a preeminent, pivotal role in the development of the region over the next several decades.

In recent years, Snell has actively pursued opportunities both inside and outside of its legacy portfolio, in line with the company’s long-term goals and values.  Today, Snell’s portfolio contains 17 properties in five states and the District of Columbia.  With established expertise and a commitment to honor its history, Snell is a boutique firm building on its strong foundation in innovative ways.

For more information on Snell’s current projects, please visit www.snellproperties.com/portfolio.

Here is Snell’s ESG Policy.